The U.S. Navy Seabees were formed for the purpose of constructing all types of military buildings, roads, and bases. The Seabees celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1992.

The photographs and news articles are from a personal collection, donated by Roy and Daphne Tibbets which were a result of Mr. Tibbets' active duty as a U.S. Navy Seabee during World War II.

The photographs were taken during 1944 and 1945 in the South Pacific, New Guinea and the Phillipines with a type of home made camera commonly used during wartime known as a "Match Box Camera". These photos give us a glimpse into the Seabees' daily life in the Pacific an insightful view to the simple drudgery of war.

It took tremendous courage, perseverance and a considerable amount of patriotism to survive the war and the physical and emotional conditions which our fighting men and their families back home had to endure. Their contributions to our country, and to the world as we know it today are immeasurable indeed.

It is hoped that this website will serve to remind us:
Freedom must never be taken for granted.
We cannot afford to forget the lessons which have been learned.

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